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The origins of eathos

Est 2015

At Eathos, we believe in transparency and integrity, from sourcing the finest ingredients to delivering impeccable service. Born out of a passion for thoughtful food and great coffee, our philosophy of “Food for Thought” and “From Passion to Plate” have driven us for nearly 10 years.

Our commitment to excellence and our knowledgeable, passionate staff ensure a dining experience that ignites the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

With a contemporary approach to food and venue, we create memorable moments that defy expectations and delight the senses. Every day, we make deliberate decisions to enhance the quality of our food and our cafés.

Our Provenance

At Eathos, our relationships with suppliers and producers are at the heart of what we do. We continually strive to develop collaborative and sustainable partnerships, ensuring we serve only the finest in-season, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our commitment to provenance means you can trust that every dish at Eathos is crafted with the utmost care and quality.

Our Values

Our People

At Eathos, “Our People” are our greatest asset. With loyalty, pride, and care, they deliver exceptional service and culinary experiences. Their passion for their roles is evident in our longstanding staff, who form the heart of our organisation. At Eathos, every individual, whether directly serving customers or supporting those who do, plays a vital role in upholding our commitment to excellence.


At Eathos, quality is our hallmark. Whether it’s in our ingredients or service, every customer is guaranteed the same exceptional quality, embodying our core value of excellence at every touchpoint.


Passion fuels everything at Eathos. From our dedicated and highly trained chefs to the development, tasting, and testing of our menus, every step is imbued with enthusiasm and commitment. “from passion to plate,” this ethos drives us to deliver high-end products and unforgettable dining experiences to our customers.


At Eathos, authenticity is our compass as we embark on a journey of constant evolution. Rooted in our genuine commitment to quality and tradition, we embrace change as a catalyst for growth and innovation. With each step forward, we remain true to our origins while adapting to meet the evolving needs and tastes of our customers.


At Eathos, consistency is our cornerstone. As we evolve our brand and offerings, one thing remains unchanged: our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in both food and service. While we embrace growth and innovation, our dedication to quality and passion remains steadfast, ensuring that every experience with us is reliably exceptional, time after time.

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